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Why I hate Linkexchange (a horror story for adults)
From Zenbeer at Zenbeer's Realm of Drunken Behavior on 10 September '98
This is something I just HAVE to get off my chest....the following is absolutely true!

I used to be a big fan of LE when I first started out for increasing my hits from people that
normally would not have gotten to my site through conventional means (ie. word of mouth, a post
on a message base like this, search engines, etc....) Allow me to explain the clickthru approach
as I see it. First of all, you never want to give your webuser an "OUT" for your page. What I mean
is that once they get to your site, why the hell would you want a similar topic banner to take them
away from YOUR site. After all, the whole trick is to get users to come to your site, not make them
go to a competitors site, right?

second, is the dismal clickthru ratio. Now mine wasnt bad as far as it goes, 1 clickthru to my site for
about every 12-20 ads I presented. The problem is that while LE explains to you in great detail when people
click thru to YOUR site, they WILL NOT tell you when people CLICK AWAY to a competitors (atypically its a link
for LinkExchange saying "get more hits" or "promote your site for FREE" or some other Bullshit.)

But this is why I finally just deleted the damn LE code forever.

I had my site catagorized as a class 2 site, which meant it would be leaning towards adults, not kids...since its a
drinkign website, and morally I cant condone underage drinking (although I did quite a bit of it myself as a lad).
So I load up my webpage one night to check it out, and what appears in a HUGE 468x75 pixel banner ad on my website??


Right there in gleaming red, orange and pink letters, bold as fuckin daytime....

Now I considered contacting LE to complain, I'm not boased towards sexual orientation or race, or what have you...but THIS
offended the hell out of me and my loyal users who sent me a barrage of concerned email with topics like: "Hey dood, when did
you come out of the closet", and "What the fuck is this?"... Mind you, most of it was sent as a tongue in cheek (pun) to bust my chops.
I opted to NOT send LE a letter, and simply deleted the code forever....it wasnt worth the effort to explain myself to them, or put myself
on moral trial with the staff at LE....

In a nutshell, i figured that this warranted posting to warn ya about the catagorizing of your site in LE, and that it can DRIVE your users
away quicker than cyanide gas fumigating rats on a cargo ship....

Just my two cents.


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