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Re: Why I hate Linkexchange (a horror story for adults)
From zenbeer at Zenbeer's Realm of Drunken Behavior on 11 September '98
adding to Re: Why I hate Linkexchange (a horror story for adults) posted by Zenbeer

I'm giving LE one more chance. Since I really dont "sell" anything at my site (its a recreational drinking site and creative outlet)
it made sense to try for the exposure, since I had pretty decent clickthrus on a friend's site I put together (something in the range of
10-12:1 clickthru ratio).

I searched LE for details on filtering and son-of-a-gun, they have it now...I don't remember this feature in the past, and jusdging from
Jim's horrorstory on the Link/Awards section perhaps they decided to wise up. The offending banners should not appear now...we'll see.

I will keep you posted, as my tracker program should be able to determin whether or not there is a significant rise in traffic in the next 30-60 days,
it should be an intersting experiment. And if its a failure, I'll shitcan LE's banners for good this time.


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