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Re: Max: Commatization Prcesses
From Max on 11 September '98
adding to Max: Commatization Prcesses posted by Geoffrois~~~~~

>How does it work if I have a list of non-delimited words, but with delimited words at the end, like:
>"promotions business web sites promote announce promo, promote web site, business web site promotions, internet marketing."

As soon as a string of words contains ONE comma, it becomes a "comma delimited" string of phrases ... so the one above contains
this 'phrase': "promotions business web sites promote announce promo" instead of the string of individual words you had in mind.
If you want individual words AND a few phrases, the string has to look like this:
"promotions, business, web, sites, promote, announce, promo, promote web site, business web site promotions, internet marketing"

>Can the bots index both the commatized and non-commatized words in a manner that will function on both levels for the searcher, ie, delimited phrases, and non-delimited combinations of words?
I'm not sure what they would do if you had both single-word "phrases" and multi-word phrases. I have always used single words, under the assumption that I'm more likely to hit a combination of words
that makes a phrase that way than if I try to second-guess the user and create the optimal phraseset. In the event that another site has the specific phrase, I'll come in second. But I can match
more phrases with a list of words than I can with unique phrases, which improves the average search rankings for almost any phrase the user can concoct that is relevant to the site.

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