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Re: Getting more traffic?
From Steven Youssef on 13 September '98
adding to Re: Getting more traffic? posted by Brainwipe

Have any suggestions for a good service provider? About how much do they run a month? and what are the benefits over geocities? Thanx for the help!

>  The first thing you realy need to look at dooing is finding a host
>other than GeoCities. If your serious about trying to make money then
>INVEST in a good (even goodish) service provider, there are a lot of
>people out there that will offer you a service 10 times better than
>geocities for a modest cost...

>  OK now you have your own site to do with as you will, with no anoying
>pop up boxes from geocities, and I guarentee your avorage download
>times will improve just from leaving geocities (im speaking from
>experience here - my own modest beginings were on geocities).
>Furthermore most moderatly experienced users looking for good
>investment info probably wouldn't knowingly follow a link to a
>geocities site...

>  Next up, getting your own domain name would probably help, and lets
>face it its not an expencive thing to do.

>  Now you need to address your content, links to other sites isn't a
>very good way to provide your visitors with information and facilities
>you need to start providing quality information yourself! Yes this
>will take alot of work but if you are serious and put the effort in
>you will do so much better.

>  Now for the books you are selling, amazon is one of the biggest
>success stories on the net, and yes it is due in no small part to
>resellers like yourself which is something that prooves you can make
>money as an amozon reseller, but why not consider buying a small list
>of titles yourself. If you choose a specally selected list of books
>and push those you will make far more than reselling them for amozon,
>and after all you can always keep the amazon range as a supplement to
>your own, they are all rounders you are a SPECALIST!

>  Finally you need to look for other projects in the same theme to make
>yourself money, what would the investers want in addidtion to books?
>Think about it there are several answers...

>  Regards
>   Brainwipe

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