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Re: Getting more traffic?
From Brainwipe on 14 September '98
adding to Re: Getting more traffic? posted by Steven Youssef

>Have any suggestions for a good service provider? About how much do they run a month? and what are the benefits over geocities? Thanx for the help!

  Righty advantages as follows: 24hourly backups of your site so if
their servers go down they can put up a replacement that will be
relitavly up to date, (geocities have been known to loose sites
altogether as their backups are poor and infrequent!!!) : access to
easy site admin tools, databases, cgi-bin's and all the stuff that
helps bring dynamics and life to your site. alot of people even
provide built in commerce solutions to help you out! This list does go
on but its as simple as this geocities provide a vaguely acceptable
service for free to get people on their site, they only care about
numbers coz they make their money from advertising, hosting services
care about you coz its your fee's that make their money!

  Well obviously I would say my company is very good (only we are over
priced so don't bother!), we will only be worth going to in a couple
of months when ishop is up and working properly and then only if you
want a dedicated e-commerce solution targeted at the UK, if you are
interested in this try http://www.ishop.co.uk/ sometime after the 1st
of November 1998! People you should try are:

Virtualis Systems (http://www.virtualisys.com/)
   Very good rates and customer services, good connection, excellent
online tools and reseller programme. On the minus side (well for me
anyway) its based in the states...

Hurricane Electric (http://www.he.net/)
   Don't know myself but they have Jim's recommendation.

  They both offer reselling (you sell their services and get a
commission) so before you buy their services sign up as a reseller
and then become your own client (therefore your commission in effect
becomes a discount!) and if you find your good at reselling then you
can make some good money on the side!!!

Also worth checking out:

  Remember : try to find one neer you (or at least your time zone!) in
case you need to phone them for any reason... so look around - my
recomendation is virtualis as I know of people who are very very
satisfied with their service and price, probably worth it even if you
don't live in the states!!!

  Hope this helps

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