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Re: ASP or HTML index pages
From Baz on 14 September '98
adding to ASP or HTML index pages posted by Scott

As far as I'm aware, the search engines bots would never see the ASP sections of your pages as these will have been converted to HTML by the server before being passed to the bot/browser

So as long as you don't do anything to mess up you keywords and description, etc... in your ASP script - then it would look just like a standard HTML page to the bot.

>If a site is (totally) written using ASP is it worthwhile in making the door pages html pages instead, just to make sure the main pages
>are not ignored?

>I presume that any ASP page that has any extra include files or parameters being passed are fighting an uphill battle to get
>indexed correctly.

>I can make titles as descriptive and 'keywordy' as possible and
>follow all other advice but if SE's just ignore these pages.....


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