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Re: Infoseek Banned Domains-What isnt banned?
From Andy Barnish on 15 September '98
adding to Infoseek Banned Domains-What isnt banned? posted by Randall

>Does someone know exactly what domains Infoseek will accept.I have tried numerous domains and keep getting the same result,access denied,
>Infoseek is not accepting additions from certain of the larger domains.I am using free domains exclusively and would like to find one
>that will be accepted by infoseek.Have tried the email add url option and as of yet no sites have been listed so this doesnt look very promising either.Any info about this would be appriciated,what domains are banned,what free domains will infoseek accept?

I have had a problem submitting to infoseek recently and
e-mailed them to ask why infoseek was not accepting my web
pages. I was suprised (and grateful) at how quickly they
responded to my question. The answer may not be relevant to
a lot of people but I include their response for those that
it might.

As an update to the URL submission problem with co.uk. We are currently
problems with our "Status Messaging" system, thus causing an issue of
non acceptance of your URL that includes a co.uk domain name.
Our engineering team is presently looking into this matter,
with hopes to have it resolved by early next week.

When the Status Messaging service is restored we will be able to add your
for you. If you do not see your URL included in our index by September 25th
then please let us know about it a.s.a.p and we will trouble shoot this

Again, we appreciate your patience during this time. Should you have any
questions or comments, please feel free to let us know.

Thank you for using Infoseek.

I hope this helps some of you!


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