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Infoseek penalities for keyword overuse?
From Wayne Marshall at Marshall Arts Creative Web Services on 15 September '98
I have a new site up that has #1 and 2 positions on
all the majors (even Yahoo!) using the keyword phrase
"sustainable landscaping" However, apparently Infoseek
penalized me for too many repetitions, even tho
I kept them to 6 as recommended. Now, as advised, I
created a front door page just for InfoSeek with only
3 repetitions of the keywords in the metatags. Better
now but still in position 29 when I have top position in
AV and others. With great position in the others (which I
don't want to lose!), I figure I ought to be able to
do better in Infoseek. Ideas anyone?

The url in question is:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm stumped!

Wayne Marshall

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