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Re: Counters
From Darryl on 17 September '98
adding to Counters posted by Patrick

>How necessary do you think counters are on a web page? Measuring hits
>isn't an issue since my server records them in a log file, but how
>does it affect you the enduser or customer of a page. Does a site
>with a high number mean anything to you or do you misjudge a new site
>with a relatively low count? Just a few thinks to think about.


A counter on a web page can probably hurt more then help. It is for rookies. I the service http://www.thecounter.com because it provides me with info to let me know which pages are visited and which search engines or links are bringing me traffic. Leave counter off and just have good content. Counters do nothing. If you think a high number makes a difference ...start with a high number. If no one comes to your sight, then a counter is no good. And your content is no good. So what is it... Counter or Content. A Counter is just a toy.

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