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Re: I don't understand
From Darryl on 18 September '98
adding to I don't understand posted by Linda Khabaza

>I am a rooky so please excuse ... may I ask, how you know, how many visitors
>without a counter or how much traffic your site is getting?

Linda, there a free counter services that give you tons of info about visitors. For example, they will tell you what kind of browsers, resolution, where they came from, last 10 keywords used to find you. You can track up to 5 links, plus much more. I use the http://www.thecounter.com .
Go there, sign up and cut 'N' paste their code into your desired page and you are ready to go. You have the option to make counter visible or invisible from there web page. You will be given a user name an password. You can go there and access your stats anytime you want. They make there money,by you going to their site and being exposed to banners. Try it!

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