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Re: Shopping Kart features
From Mat Bennett on 18 September '98
adding to Shopping Kart features posted by Rich George

>I am getting more and more requests for sites needing to add
>Shopping Kart features. Is there any software available for the
>do-it-yourselfer or do I have to rely on the server to provide this
>service? Thanks in advance.

We have been using a product called shop@ssistant from http://www.floyd.co.uk/ It is not quite as simple as they like to make out - but once you have worked out what they are on about it is actually very good. The best bit? Search engines are still able to index every page on your site.. and there is a neat little trick in there that the unscupulous types could use to fool the spiders. It is also very affordable (under 200) and a "light" version is apparently planned for around 50!

If you want a look at the system in action - we tested it to it's limits with some very strange pricing models on http://www.selftest.co.uk - the online buying side will go live 21st Sep - feel free to take a peak

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