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Re: Webcrawler/Excite,Hotbot seem to suck
From Laurel at Excel Translations on 18 September '98
adding to Webcrawler/Excite,Hotbot seem to suck posted by Randy Kowal

>Everytime I list a web page to any of the above web sites my ranking is really poor. I also find that I get very inaccurate results when doing a search.

>I use Meta tags extensively.

Webcrawler uses Excite's index, and Excite doesn't take meta tags into account at all, so if you rely heavily on meta tags for your ranking, that would explain why you're not doing well with Excite.

As far as Hotbot's concerned, I've never managed to get decent results there, either, even though I do with almost all the major search engines. I had heard a while back that their index was corrupt and was being fixed, but I don't know if that's still the case.

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