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Re: Max, what am I doing wrong?
From Darryl on 18 September '98
adding to Max, what am I doing wrong? posted by Nick

>Hi Max...
>I have looked through every part of this site and have used all the advice to try to get my page popular...
>I've frequently posted and re-posted messages to people asking for help on what has been going wrong, but haven't gotten much useful advice...
>I was reading a message which said you helped someone else by telling them what they were doing wrong.
>PLEASE HELP ME MAX! I'm desperate!
>Thanks a lot! : - )

You are in a saturarted market. Why is it important to get people to your site to give them free stuff. Do something productive. I know it is good practice. But would not rather practice on making money. For example you could sale software that helps and aids web developers. You don't have to stock any product...there are a lot of companies out there that will set you up to help sale their software or other products. They usually offer a percentage. It will give you a new challenge, plus some incentive...you know $$$

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