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Re: Style sheets
From Brainwipe on 21 September '98
adding to Style sheets posted by Bob

>Is there any way to use style sheets and still score well with the search engines?

  I'll say it now, MAX is the stylesheet star, what ive put here is
my theroy and I would like someone to add their comments to this...
now... As far as I know, stylesheets don't cause any problems with
the SE's at all... Somebody please correct me on this if im wrong!

  One quick question to you modify the tag elements or just put a link
to a stylesheet in as part of your code? e.g....

I do stuff like this :

[LINK REL="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" HREF="/ss.txt" TITLE="style"]

which keeps the style sheet as a separate document to the HTML so I
upload a documet called ss.txt and make my style sheet entries in it
like this :

P {
font-size: 10pt;
line-height: 120%;
font-family: arial, geneva, helvetica;
font-weight: normal;
font-style: normal;
color: #323264;

Then just use the [P] tag to see the effects... I would have a list of
different tags with data in ss.txt this is know as block level
elements. Although I have seen some people use stylesheets and their
HTML tags are not atandard for example i have seen stuff like :

[TITLE] title [/TITLE]
[STYLE TYPE="text/ccs"]
P.col1 { color: #323264 }
[P CLASS="col1"]coloured text[/P]

  This may (i do not know) make the HTML text elements carry less
relevance as far as the SE's are concerned... On the plus side it
allows you to easily have different types of text and stuff on a
page, which is generally the nice point about stylesheets...

  Anyway as far as I know the SE's don't dislike stylesheets.


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