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Re: Max, what am I doing wrong?
From Pat Escalante at Swope Toyota on 21 September '98
adding to Re: Max, what am I doing wrong? posted by Darryl

>You are in a saturarted market.
Why is it important to get people to your site to give them free
stuff. Do something productive. For example you could
sale software that helps and aids web developers. You don't have
to stock any product...there are a lot of companies out there that
will set you up to help sale their software or other products.
They usually offer a percentage. It will give you a new challenge,
plus some incentive...you know $$$

I agree, I have seen these designs all over the net. There is nothing new here.
The majority of these graphics are public domain while
some are copywritten. Give your site a twist. Something new and unique.
I don't know your skill level in producing your own graphics and really
can't see what you are trying to accomplish with your site so I am thinking
a message board of tips, resources and techniques mayhaps? A graphics question
and answer message board. There are some software specific newsgroups
and message boards out there but maybe pick and target audience and go with
that. hth

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