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Re: Page spamming
From Pat Escalante at Swope Toyota on 21 September '98
adding to Page spamming posted by Frank Callas

>Because of a unique situation involving URL addresses, I was forced to
>change the URL of one of my pages and resubmit to the search engines.

Hi Frank,
I had to change an entire site. I did not lose the url just had to change
the content. I changed the content on the old site with this site
has moved to..... and coming soon to this site......
then resubmitted the new site. I haven't had any problems and I think
that unless you have a whole lot of pages(I have seen 20 pages with the
same content from the same business in one keyword search)with the same
content it will not be a problem. If you have a listing on yahoo it is
best to submit the change, and then call them a week later if the
site has not been changed just to let them know that you don't want
their links pointing to a dead site. Other sites allow for change in url
rather than resubmission. Do this when appropriate.

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