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Re: I want to be in Yahoo! so bad!
From Darryl on 21 September '98
adding to I want to be in Yahoo! so bad! posted by John

>How do I get on Yahoo!? I was there once before with a very old web site of mine that I don't have any more. Does anyone have any pointers for me, like how to fill in the forms on the suggest a site area, and how to set up my site for them when (Whoever does it) some one views my site for submission? What is Jim gonna do with all the information he gets from that Yahoo! form he set up too?


Read this whole site.

Need to post your URL. Yahoo wants sites with good content. I you want on Yahoo bad, then you better work on content.
Put site up and people will tell you who has content. I have a friend who restores Corvettes and wants on Yahoo as bad as you. But the person who designed his web site put more top heavy graphics in it then info about what he does.

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