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Sorry... here is my question...
From Brainwipe on 21 September '98
adding to Can someone help me out with this... posted by Brainwipe

  As we all (should) know the SE's like Hx tags (ie [H1]) but does
using [A HREF=""] with the tag deminish the relevance? Below is a
worked example of what I mean...

[H2]shopping online is fun[/H2]

  gives the words inside the tags greater importance than if the tags
were not there, but is the relevance decreased if I do either of the

[H2][A HREF="shopping.html"]shopping online is fun[/A][/H2]


[A HREF="shopping.html"][H2]shopping online is fun[/H2][/A]

  and if so, which would the SE's consider to be the most relevant of
these 2 examples? When I actually use this in my page (different tag
content but hey this was an example) I will be folloing each
sub-heading with a paragraph of text, breifly talking about the
subject that im linking to, so would you recommend I include my link
as part of that paragraph instead?

  If you can help, please do...

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