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6 keywords??? I am confused...just need a simple reply
From Bradley on 21 September '98

Quick question:

I hear people say that you should only have a maximum of 6 keywords on a page. Here is my question:

1. Does that number (6) include your meta tags AND content?

I guess what I am I saying is this:
2. How many times can I use the same word in my meta tags?
3. How many times can I use the same word in the content?

I am perplexed because i looked at the source code of a company that is listed first in Excite. Take a look at her source code:

**notice the use of the word "fundraising"** - Shouldn't she be penalized for the overuse of the word fundraising.........

The Fundraising Lady, Inc.

Thank you very much for your input on this..

Bradley Blinn

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