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then why would they get listed 1st?
From bradley on 21 September '98
adding to Keywords - a quick guide posted by Brainwipe

If you are not supposed to list a word more than three times in your keywords, then why did Fundraising Lady do so well in the ranking. The word "fundraising"is listed like 15-20 times!

That is strange.


>Never repeat a word more than 3 times in your keywords.

>You can have more than 6 keywords but generally the fewer words the
>better off you are...

>Repeat the keywords as many times as you feel like in your content,
>however do not spam it i.e. don't put them in loads and loads to
>delibaratly up the number... if you have a lot of thext you should
>have the keywords there alot as well (shows your sticking to the

>Try yo use the keywords in the title and description too...

>Hope this helps

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