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Re: What motivates Yahoo!?
From Nicholas on 15 July '98
adding to What motivates Yahoo!? posted by NightFly ~*

This came from Rebecca Eisenberg, a Net columnist in the S.F. Examiner:

"Check out the article in the curent Content Magazine -- or else my article
for Upside where I discuss Content, Yahoo! and potentially unethical
behavior at:

I also notice that ABC News did a piece on mini-portals,
with the David vs Goliath angle, on Alta Vista 7/15/98.

I had predicted that by positioning themselves as a "media company,"
Yahoo would gain immunity from the mainstream press. I was right up
to a point. Unfortunately for them, when they joined the club, they
came under new rules. If they start taking money for listings, they will
be breaking the holiest rule of the media: thou must separate
editorial and advertising departments. The wrath of the media is likely.

(Sure, it happens in mainstream media too - but not overtly.)

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