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Re: About the Register, How about a Critique?
From Dr. Donald Zvanut at Gemstone Jewelry on 21 September '98
adding to About the Register, How about a Critique? posted by kudeck

>Greetings and thanks for all your help over the past several months.

>I've just completed my first web site for a friend's retail furniture store and am interested in feedback. I've been reading this board and posting occasional questions/comments, and have tried to take all of your collective wisdom into account, so look at this site as a product of your wisdom (or at least my interpretation and inability to achieve your wisdom ;-)

>Anyway, all comments are greatly appreciated. I am going to start manually registering with the search engines (sorry Jim, but for the first time I want to see what it's like) so let me know if you see any serious problems with the search engine heirarchy.

>Thanks in advance!

I was very impressed with your site! Fast loading, easy to navigate
only a click away from an order. Seems you are doing all the right
things. Suggestion: I think inside the head tags the title tag needs to
come before the meta description and meta keywords tag. MAX do you know
the answer to this to confirm my belief? In the title tag the "RTA
Furniture" should be taken out and on the sub pages the title tag
should say "Office and Computer Furniture". Rta is not a keyword. May I ask a question
where did you did such nice images for the furniture? Was it scanned?
Or a digital photo? And how was it loaded to the site? With the white background.
Hope this helps.
Dr.Donald Zvanut

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