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Re: Please critique my first ever web site
From Darryl on 21 September '98
adding to Please critique my first ever web site posted by John Sweden

>My head is still spinning from the learning curve! I've got meta-tags in my dreams. I've re-designed this site about 8 times as I've learnt more. May I ask some of your experienced people to look at my site? Feel free to tell me where I goofed and what I could do to improve things. I'm a bit unsure with regard to how I've structured the individual pages for best search engine response. It's not a big site.
>Very much appreciate any input. John

Yes your text over laps.
What kind if browser are you viewing through.
Go here for help www.htmlhelp.com
They have a great message board there. You need to put your stuff in a table
good luck.

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