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Re: Fixing(locking) Fonts on web pages
From Joe on 09 July '98
adding to Fixing(locking) Fonts on web pages posted by Faisal

>It's really annoying when you spend hours making and trimming your web pages only to find out later that the HTML editor changed the fonts here and there.
>What if I wanna make the fonts browser independent so that they appear same on every page and secondly, what if I make use a font which is not windows built in, not every one would have it, isn't there a way for the page to contain the font within itself. I currently use MS Front Page (I hear groans already ; well thankyou for your encouragement but I need help with fonts)


You've run in to one of the most common design problems. The truth is, you absoluteley cannot make your page look the same on every browser. That is one of the biggest aspects that separates good designers from novice ones. Good designers design a flexible page that works well with any browser. If you design your page to work perfectly with 1 browser at 1 resolution on 1 system, then it will be a lost cause to many of your visitors. But if you still want your page to look the same on every browser then try Cascading Style Sheets. Then at least about 60% of your viewers will see the same thing. Another tip is type your html by hand in a text editor. YOu get a lot more control that way, but font sizes will still vary a little between browsers. The only actual way to get people to see the same font type is to put it on the site as a zip file and tell people to download it, but most visitors won't. Just give up, and try something else.

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