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RE: Images
From kudeck at RTA Furniture Superstore on 22 September '98
adding to Re: About the Register, How about a Critique? posted by Dr. Donald Zvanut

>I was very impressed with your site! Fast loading, easy to navigate
>only a click away from an order. Seems you are doing all the right
>things. Suggestion: I think inside the head tags the title tag needs to
>come before the meta description and meta keywords tag. MAX do you know
>the answer to this to confirm my belief? In the title tag the "RTA
>Furniture" should be taken out and on the sub pages the title tag
>should say "Office and Computer Furniture". Rta is not a keyword. May I ask a question
>where did you did such nice images for the furniture? Was it scanned?
>Or a digital photo? And how was it loaded to the site? With the white background.
>Hope this helps.
>Dr.Donald Zvanut

Thanks for the kind words and insight!

Regarding the images... each of the manufacturers of furniture that the store carries had images of their product available in jpeg format via one form or another (CD-Rom, their corporate site, marketing materials,...we just had to ask them for it), but all the images had background color/texture. So I opened each image in PhotoShop 4.0, cropped as much as I could, and pain-stakingly colored the backgrounds. Then I reduced the image size and exported it as a GIF with the background color designated as transparent.

But it really wasn't that difficult considering a couple things... First, with the tools available coloring the backgrounds was really pretty easy. By adjusting the tolerance of the paint bucket or magic wand I was able to get most of the background pretty easily. But most importantly was the image size reduction. Any little flaws when coloring the background diminish when reducing the image size from, say 500 pixels to 100 pixels. And I decided that the small thumbnail isn't intended to be crystal clear and perfect anyway, that's why there is a detail page!

Anyway, I hope that answers your question and helps.

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