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Re: About the Register, How about a Critique?
From kudeck at RTA Furniture Superstore on 22 September '98
adding to Re: About the Register, How about a Critique? posted by Darryl

>Liked it as soon as I came in. My knd of web site. Gets right to the point. I hate it when I am looking for something and when I get there I have to go through a maze to get there. Very Professional looking.

>One thing I would do is make directories for your categories and index each category. Example....instead of www.rtaonline.com/office.htm ...try ...www.rtaonline.com/index.html ...this way you can submit mor pages to search engines.

>Good Luck

Thanks for the encouragement and insight!

I've got a question regarding your suggestion :-) Why would I need to re-name the category pages to "index.html" in order to have mutliple submissions? Can't I independently submit the category pages as they are currently named? Or have I missed something about the bots focusing on "index" as an indication of the site's main page... hmmm.


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