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Re: Can HTML call up a text file for display?
From Darryl on 22 September '98
adding to Can HTML call up a text file for display? posted by Lazarus

>I have a page which needs to be changed every week. I was hoping to find an HTML code/command which would let me call up the content of a text file which would then become part of the HTML page. My page is mirrored in about 4 sites. This makes it time consuming edit, and re-upload all four pages. It would be MUCH easier if I only needed to update the text file and upload it rather than having to edit the entire page. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Their is a way to call up graphic files , for people that want to can graphics periodically. If you don't get a answer here ...then go here http://www.htmlhelp.com . Go to their message board and ask same question. It is a great bbs. They should answer it fairly quick.
Good Luck.

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