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Re: Messed up on last question...here it is again...
From Max on 22 September '98
adding to Re: Messed up on last question...here it is again... posted by Pete

"if keywords in a paragraph (P) following H2 tag have less relevancy than those in a paragraph following H1 tag. I would assume yes, but Iím not sure.

Yes they do.

"If thatís the case, is it better to have a larger paragraph with more keywords following H1. Right now I have an equal size paragraph following H1 and H2
"with an equal amount of key words in each paragraph. Maybe Iíd be better off just having one large paragraph after H1 tag."

Don't get so carried away with this kind of analysis that your text is hard to read, sounds stupid, or looks wierd.
Remember that there will (one hopes) be real humans visiting your pages and just WRITE GOOD COPY! There is no "magic bean"
for you: it's an additive thing where every structure either helps or hurts your relevance.

"Also, I saw a page high on a search engine list with multiple H1 tags, and each H1 tag had a different keyword.
"Is that better than just putting all of the keywords in one H1 tag.
How did it look to you as you read the page? It probably looked really bizarre and wasn't very easy to read.

"Lastly, if I have a META tag with keywords="home business rousources, bussiness resources, business" - is that keyword repetition?
NO - you are using phrases.

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