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Overlapping Text
From kudeck on 23 September '98
adding to Re: Please critique my first ever web site posted by John Sweden

>>Yep, the text overlap is still an issue (IE4.0).

>Many thanks Kudeck. I am unable to reproduce the overlap locally using IE4/NS4 on a PC. Don't know what's happening but I'll keep searching. Ok re the link too, thanks. Much appreciated!

I played around with my settings and couldn't get it to display properly. I recently downloaded the latest version of IE4 so it shouldn't be a version issue. (I also checked using NN4.05 - didn't work either.)

One thing I was amazed by was the amount of positioning code you had in your html. I have NEVER seen so much before! I'd bet it has something to do with that.

Why are you defining all the absolute positions in pixels? Why not just let the page render dynamically?

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