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Re: Clarification of meta tags - keywords
From Pete on 23 September '98
adding to Clarification of meta tags - keywords posted by Bradley

>I just wanted to clarify this because I have yet to get a clear and concise answer to this...and I also want to make sure this is true accross all the major search engines

>If my meta tags for my keywords are the following (for example):

>car, car wash, car seat, car window, car tires, car winshield wipers

>Is there ANY keyword repitition? Would I get penalized by any SE? Additionally, if I use the word "car" 15-20 times in the body of my page, am I going to get penalized for this?

>Thanks SO much for this clarification.


>Bradley Blinn

I sort of had the same question which Max responded to (see the questions titled "to Brainwipe or anyone" a couple of postings below this
>(P.S. Max - I have redesigned my home page - hope it will do better in the SEs)

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