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Re: Check-Browser auto-redirect
From Darryl on 23 September '98
adding to Check-Browser auto-redirect posted by John Sweden

>I use a Dreamweaver behaviour for check-browser. What are the alternatives or commonly used methods to lead surfers to the correct browser version of a site and where do these usually reside. I've created a separate page just for this function. Is this how to do it? Thanks!

Trying to make it work for everyone is not working. When I went to a page atfer indexa page and the hit back ...the test was all scrambled. I suggest putting it all in a 640pix table and be like everyone else and then practice browser detection.

What is the purpose of the the auto-redirect...it is pointless. Also put some navigation to top left...if I don't want to read a page, don't make me go to the bottom for it.

Go to www.htmlhelp.org . They have a message board for your problem. We don't mind looking at your page, but this is getting old.
Good luck!

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