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Re: E-mail campaigns to generate interest/traffic
From Steve MacLellan at Dog Byte Classifieds on 24 September '98
adding to E-mail campaigns to generate interest/traffic posted by michael

>Maybe this has been asked before, but I didn't see it in recent months. Has anyone tried direct e-mail to promote their business and websites? I'm not talking about spamming names from a newsgroup, but rather spending money on a good, pre-screened list. Any experience with this???

Hi Michael,

I have taken the advice of several marketing guru's who claim that the
response they receive is very small and not worth the money that has been spent.

If you need help learning how to actually market your web site, I put
out a FREE weekly e-zine, and maintain a message board strictly for
marketing goods/products/websites etc...

If you want to sign up, visit my site and click the button that says
"ADS". You will find a Listbot there.

Good Luck,
Steve MacLellan

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