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follow up about "powered by Excite"
From Jamie on 25 September '98
This is a follow up to another posting about the "powered by Excite" logo. AOLNetFind has this logo, which indicates that Excite does their search (as I understand). If I submit a URL directly to Excite and submit my URL on the AOLNetFind site....does that effect my listing? Will I be listed quicker since I'm submitting twice through 2 different "doorways" or does it not make any difference at all since it's all going to one place (Excite)? I have been submitting my URL to AOLNetfind, Webcrawler, and Excite separtely....but since the first two have a "powered by Excite" logo, should I just stop submitting to AOL and Webcrawler, and just submit to Excite? Thanks.

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