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Accepting Checks - hmmm what if??
From Deb at DividedHearts on 25 September '98
Hey all, yet again I find myself back over here for my main point of reference:) Still loving the promotion artist! Now considering the Checknique...

What I am wondering/fearing is if I put up the ability to 'pay by checks on-line' how large is the risk of getting 'bogus' information and/or bad checks? I dunno how the penelties work elsewhere but if I deposit a bad check to my buis account I am charged when it bounces...

Any info on
A: the best ways of preventing this and/or verifying the funds.... w/o having to make long distance phone calls everytime a check order comes in? For example there are ways to validate credit card numbers..are there ways for routing and account numbers on checks?

B: any feedback from others who do accept checks online as to how often they receive bogus information and just 'joe blows' playing with the forms?

Thanks in advance..

Yours In Heart

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