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Re: Yahoo won't list my site.
From Darryl on 02 December '98
replying to Re: Yahoo won't list my site. posted by Adrian

>Sorry, the domain name is:
>I thought that the homepage URL was posted with my message.

IF you are looking for potenial customers looking to move to your area, add little flavor. Show them pictures of the area and describe your town. Aslo, I am looking for a house myself, I love those Loan calulators. It helps me decide how much I want to spend or not spend. Yahoo has humans like you and me, looking at your web site. Who knows what makes them pick one site over another. I am sure they are trained on how to select the best sites. But they are Human and I am sure sometimes they will using their own personal preferences.

The more helpful Info you add, the better it is for your viewer and your chances of getting listings.

Although frames won't keep you off of Yahoo, they made keep you off of the other search engines.

Here's a thought, If you are wanting people in your area to find you, I would find all the local ISP web sites and see what SE they have on their pages. For example, one ISP here will list only three SE on their search page(Yahoo, Hotbot and webcrawler). If the majority have Hotbot on their search engine page, I would focus on getting listed on Hotbot. I you want to focus on AOL's customer's you would try to get the best listing in Excite. Most AOL users don't know there are other SEs out there or they don't know how to get there...

Hope this helps a little

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