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Re: A free program to download, concerning web site building
From Darryl on 04 December '98
replying to A free program to download, concerning web site building posted by Pascale

Being new, I don't emvy you. If you are a netscape user, I would start with Netscape Composer. That's how I started. It took me along time to change because I could not find and Html editor that fit me. I tried a bunch of the 30 day trials. So starting with a free one is good idea. I ended up using Dreamweaver. Keep in mind that I tried Dreamweaver sometime after I started and did not like it. But as time went on and I gained more experience, I started trying some more editors and ended up downloading Dreamweaver again. I thought it was going to be an open and close deal. But to my suprise, I loved it. It made every thing easy for me. I don't know if it is for you, but what i am saying is....if you download some trials now and don't like them, don't count them out. Find one of these big software sites and read the reviews, they are very good. If you can understand them they will independently tell you each ones downside as well as their upside.

Good Luck

>Hello :-)
>I didn't type my URL because... I don't have built my web site yet.
>I would like to now which (and where on te web) FREE program(s) I
>could download, about how to build by myself my web site.
>Thanks a lot !

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