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Here's a few suggestions
From Darryl on 05 December '98
replying to Site Review - I would GREATLY appreciate your comments posted by Bradley

Your bbs..One thing that bothers me is when you click on a link and it does not take you there. Cut the middle man out. The second page before your bbs is repeitive, it says the same staff as where you first click to come into the bbs. When you finally get there, I am confused what to do next. I think you need to start off with just a single bbs, which can address any topic. When you have multiple topics, it spreads the bbs thin, in other words it looks as though you don't get many visitors(Deserted). New people will be confused. No one remembers a place that does not look busy. Build your bbs traffic and then upgrade to multiple topics.

Your Fundraising Bank is quick and to the point.

Amazon Book store: Looks kind of boring. I would goto amazon and get some pictures (Icons) of the books you are selling. If they don't have all of them, swipe some from Barnes and Noble. Icons will make a big difference, I think. Have your readers send you reviews and post them. I know Barnes an Noble lets readers post reviews, go swipe some of theirs.

Okay, I think I did enough damage... :>)

Don't wait on will have enough all of us!

Good Luck

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