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Re: Search & Demand of a Specific Keyword
From Deb at on 08 October '98
adding to Search & Demand of a Specific Keyword posted by Linda Khabaza


Only thing I can think of off hand is you doing a search for them and checking out the sites that are selling them. Do they look like they are doing ok?

>Any suggestions or leads to information that might help me decide
>whether or not I should pursue and start this biz would be
>appreciated :)

Until I read this message I didn't even know what one was! Since I've read this message I've done a search for them and now I know:) There is something to be said for TELLING PEOPLE what it is they want and need before they realize they need it.

Now that I know what they are I'm sitting here thinking to myself... hmmmm I know some people that would like these things, and Christmas is coming up... So I've gone from not having a clue to having a new gift idea... not because I was in the market for Silver Conchos but because you told me they were an idea.

If you enjoy making them and would enjoy working on selling and promoting the idea then it would be a great idea for you to try and start a lil biz up...

(the following is a shameless plug: be forewarned)

If you just want to test the waters before spending any 'real money' on this idea you could look into purchasing a small amount of web space that will allow you to run a business.... only charges $25 a year and you'd have a good place to begin. Most free space restricts you from running a business so things like geocities wouldn't work for you unless you pay their monthly fees... is a one time flat rate that wont hurt your pocket book...

(end plug)

If you want it and enjoy it... GO FOR IT!!!!


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