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Re: Please Help..Need advice on buying the best
From neil williams at CodeHelp.UK on 23 Jan '00
replying to Re: Please Help..Need advice on buying the best "cloak" for hiding source code. posted by Eric

>>This is complete hogwash people....there is NO way to hide html source from the viewers.....if someone wants to view the source, you just have to put up with that....

It's what the web was designed to be - open! One alternative is Flash, but then that's a lot more work than HTML. And besides, although *how* you created the Flash movie is protected, the movie itself has to be downloaded so can be ported to another site. I used a Java applet on a previous site and it had the full URL hard coded into the applet so that anyone using it on another site was tranferred back to mine! Java was just too slow for continued use though. Too much debugging and too much delay in viewing the page.

> for javascripting and stuff, the best thing you can do is just put the javascripting in a separate JS file and use an include to get to it in your page... a decent webmaster will know to look for it by just typing the address of your webpage and the name of the .js file though. So, the moral of the story is, dont bother, it cant be done.

That js file is in the browser cache too. Same for CSS external files. (Note some browsers ask for a plug-in with js files (!stinks of a bad setup/customisation!) so it can be easier to search the Temporary Internet Files folder or the Netscape cache.)

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