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Re: WebChaperone
From Brian Clifton on 22 Feb '00
replying to Re: WebChaperone posted by Valerie Schneider

Thanks for the clarification Jennifer!

FYI the key I offered to David was one left unused from a purchase
of keys we made from you prior to the expiration of our licence, which
in fact was you pulling the product from all resellers with little
or no warning to anyone.

Also FYI, Craig Beck (Vice President of Sales RuleSpace, Inc. at the
time) informed me on 27/8/99 that:
'I spoke to our CFO and she agreed to stay the course with you ...',
while we tried to sell your product (10,000 licenses) to Glasgow
City council. It was confirmed via telephone that this meant until
the end of 99.

David's post was dated 15/11/99 and my reply was 18/11/99. I
therefore feel perfectly entitled to sell any licenses we had for
WebChaperone at that time. In fact we were only formally told our
contract had ended on 24/1/00 by yourself.

I therefore suggest you get your facts right BEFORE you infer
publically that we are selling something that we shouldn't, or you
will find yourself in receipt of a law suit.

Dr. Brian Clifton
Technical Director, Omega Digital Media Ltd.

>Dear Brian and David, and anyone else who is interested,
>Effective December 31, 1999 WebChaperone was withdrawn from market. The program is no longer available for sale, directly though RuleSpace or through anyone else. RuleSpace does not have any reseller relationships with any suppliers of WebChaperone anymore. In fact, Brian's contract with us expired October 18, 1999.
>In addition, the following message was sent to all registered (that means paid) users:
>RuleSpace is proud that WebChaperone has provided so many families a safe Internet experience over the past years. As a corporate strategy, we have decided to focus on the underlying technology that drives products such as WebChaperone. This means we are no longer selling package software products directly to end-users. Effective December 31, 1999, WebChaperone will be withdrawn from the market.
>Even though WebChaperone will no longer be available, it will continue to provide a safe Internet experience for you. No action is needed on your part for the product to continue to function. However, telephone support will end as of 12/31/99. The WebChaperone web site ( will continue to be available to access information and the Frequently Asked Questions ( support section has been updated and will remain available indefinitely.
>Although there are no filtering software products that we endorse, here are two resources that may assist you should you want to look for a new product:,4,-8263,00.html? and
>Thank you. We have appreciated your enthusiasm for WebChaperone.
>Valerie Schneider
>Product Manager
>>We are still supporting the WebChaperone product. Please contact me directly for a license key.
>>Best regards,
>>>Having tried the WebChaperone free-trial, I was so impressed that I immediately decided to purchase it. However, I was too late; it had JUST been withdrawn from sale. I am desparate to purchase it; has nayone any ideas that would help? I will naturally re-imburse any reasonable costs and expences. Many thanks,
>>>Dave Neale, England

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