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Speaking of AOL
From Deb at FutureQuest on 08 October '98
Tim mentioned below, how aol was a good source for him as a search engine.... so it made me want to mention another way of utilizing AOL that has worked GREAT for me in certain areas...

I often receive their free disks.. (it's not hard, just ask for one and you'll get them for life) though I do not recommend them as an isp I would reccomend them as a great source for promotion.

I've been known to utilize the "Free fifty hours" many times!

Sign on... and use your hours wisely.. find all the forums they have that would benefit your site. Post messages!

You don't have to post like this:
"MY Site has..."

Rather you can post like this:

"I was on a site the other day that had....."

Works like a gem:)


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