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Re: hiding source code.
From D on 19 Sept '00
replying to Re: hiding source code. posted by Kendyl

>>>I beg to differ go to don't know how she did >it but it will not show you the source code
>>Try File|Save as, save the file on your hard dive then open use another editor, you see all the CODE!!!
>WRONG!!! all it saves is the standard "view source" message she has when a "view source" command is tried. "<!--' Coding Access Denied at'-->"

You guys are just skipping over the obvious... all she has is a clever right-click protect! Similar to the one that pops up an alert window saying "Tsk Tsk, you naughty pirate!".

You want to know how she does it? Here...

<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
/* Right mouse click disable function in IE 4+ NN4+
Script by GirlGenius Productions

n = (document.layers) ? 1:0
ie = (document.all) ? 1:0

function cancelmenu(e){
if (ie){
if (event.button==2){
if (popmenu.readyState==4){
popmenu.Popup (event.x,event.y)
alert("Please wait. Page Loading...")
if (event.button==1)
if (menuon){
popmenu.Popup (event.x,event.y)
if (n)
if (e.which==3)
return false;

document.onmousedown = cancelmenu;
if (n)


Now let that be the end of it. :)

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