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Re: Search & Demand of a Specific Keyword
From Max on 09 October '98
adding to Search & Demand of a Specific Keyword posted by Linda Khabaza

>I am thinking about starting a biz on the web because when
>I searched for the product, Silver Conchos, there wasn't much
>available...I have since become very good at making conchos
>...Now then, is there not many sites selling silver conchos
>because not many make them or is it because there isn't a
>market for them???

I found 210 pages in AltaVista, most of whom were selling the conchos
already attached to brifles and belts. The only way to find out is to
try it, and go into it with the plan of making a one-year trial run.
No guts, no glory, but you have to be able to survive 6+ months with
no income from the business.

You could give it a try for a few hundred dollars:

1. Find a really economical web hoster (as cheap as $5/mo at
2. Register a domain name ($70)
(or try the free sites, but their speed is really bad, especially
if you are trying to show pictures of product. One free business
site has 85,000 users and no speed at all.)
3. Read this site and follow the tips when creating your pages.
4. List them with the search engines.
5. Promote locally and ask Western and horse-related sites to link to
your concho pages. Put up some history of conchos, and other general
interest stuff to attract traffic (pure sales brochures don't work)
6. For some immediate exposure, try offering them on the on-line
auctions like and make sure your listings have a link back to
your pages.

Stuff some money in the modem addressed to for the above advice :)

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