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Re: Checknique signature?
From Bryan at Checknique for Windows on 30 June '01
replying to Checknique signature? posted by Jack Fenimore

>My 60 some years of experience writing, receiving, depositing, and cashing checks tells me a check needs to be SIGNED by the issuer.
>But in looking at the sample, and other info, of "Checknique", I see no way to do that.
>If we were to start using this system, what would prevent us from using that same information given to us by the "customer" to write checks to ANYONE using that same account information?

Comment #1 - Well, when you think that in the last 100 years we came from horse and buggy to space shuttles, it is not too surprising that technology in this field has also advanced. Things change, so should you.

Comment #2 - What would stop a waitress in a restaraunt or a pump jockey at a gas station to swipe you C/C number when you aren't looking. In those instances, they even have your signature. Sometimes we risk a lot in the name of convenience.

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