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From Deb at FutureQuest on 09 October '98
adding to Any Way to keep images from being stolen? posted by Tim Stockton

>I remember reading on this site somewhere a post i believe from Max, where you can keep an image from being saved? I have one image on my site which is the photo of Disney stock certificate that i would like to be non save image as? Is this really possible to do group?

There are ways to keep the image from being loaded on a different server from your server... depending if your server runs a mod_rewrite engine or not. Be forewarned... mod_rewrite is a black art:) What I do is check the http_referer and block if it's not in our access list (only on images that I find being commonly called and as a nuisance) We use the mod_rewrite engine heavily on our server. It's the 'swiss army chainsaw' of controlling modifying URLs and URIs
(you may also be able to control this via .htaccess files but I would assume the steps are pretty involved)

But... to stop someone from downloading the image and displaying it from their server on their site is another story. In order to view your page and everything on it the visitor downloads the entire thing with all of it's contents onto their harddrive. Once it's on their harddrive they can do whatever they want (may not be legal but it is fact)

I would suggest looking into Watermarking your images... or even blatenly putting your URL right on the image... at least that way if they do display it they advertise for you and/or would have to do some graphic work to remove your url.

Yet another reality of the net,,,,

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