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Re: My gratitude to Max.
From Max on 09 October '98
adding to Re: My gratitude to Max. posted by Natalja Khaustova

>Max! Thank for the answers to my question. Please look at my site again.

Now your header is smaller than your body text!
What program are you using? It is doing something wierd, and something I've never encountered.

It's partly the FONT attributes ... they are not working right, and they seem to be affected by the CHARSET
meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1251"

(I think it's the CHARSET too - The HTML specifications state that HTML uses the ISO 8859-1 (Latin 1)

If you want the header to have smaller text in the second line, use SMALL and /SMALL instead of the font.

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