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Re: Graphics Parasites
From Deb at FutureQuest on 09 October '98
adding to Graphics Parasites posted by the original message


This is an absolute blast to do when it's needed... though it can be a bit of a pain for large sites using a lot of images througout the site...If you do not have the ability or know how to play 'games' the 'geek way' this is the way to go!

On the other hand, if you are feeling a bit 'geekish' and want to 'strut your stuff' you can accomplish the same results with just a few lines of code and not having to rename your images nor go back and edit your pages everytime you do so....(if server allows)

More info on the apache Rewrite for blocking inline images can be found here.. if you've got a rewrite engine you can place the .htaccess file in your images directory and your problem is solved... it can be setup to allow nothing to be viewed in place of the image being called or to send a nice "tasteful image" like Max described...


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