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Re: Help! Search engines won't index my site!
From Max on 11 October '98
adding to Help! Search engines won't index my site! posted by Tony Trupp

>HEEELP! I've tried submitting my site to all the top 15 search engines about 10 times but they won't index me for some reason. Whats happening? Is it my metatags? If you have any suggestions, please help.

For starters, you tried hiding keywords up top by making them the same color as the background. That's a BIG no-no.

... FONT COLOR="#FFFFFF"Leaders of Tomorrow, public speaking,  speech education, speech instruction, teaching speech /FONT

Then, the bulk of your page is this junk .... your ratio of actual information to layout kluges is so slim that they probably can't find the text to index. Your core idea is a paragrpah buried at the bottom of the page.

TD WIDTH=8 HEIGHT =30 IMG SRC="./assets/images/dot_clear.gif" WIDTH =8 HEIGHT =1 BORDER=0 /TD

You have absolutely NO HTML structure for the search engines to work with. LEARN HTML! And learn to use the strustures that HTML gives you to indicate the heirarchy of information on your pages.

And ... dump those nausea-inducing little blue things that are wobbling in and out of focus ... it's hard on the eyes.

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