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Re: submit and keywords and body
From Deb at FutureQuest on 11 October '98
adding to submit and keywords and body posted by William

>why do we learn about keyworks, body and title when some search
engines don't even ask for them?

They are 'robots'/'engines'/'spiders'/'scripts'/programs....

Re-reading the tutorials on this site will help explain it to you...
They are programmed to only need your URL.. they then go to your
website and first look for something called robots.txt after that
they look for your title and meta tags (this is where your keywords
and descriptions are) and then they look at your content.

If there is no robots.txt they are told to begin on the site...
If no meta tags or title they just place the first words shown
on your page as the title and description in their searches...

If there are title and meta tags they can then place you more
accuratly... there is a lot to be said about how this works.. and
it's all said on this site:)

Happy reading.

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