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Re: YAHOO! Get Local
From Deb at FutureQuest on 11 October '98
adding to Well Max ive tried? posted by Tim Stockton

>Max in re: to going for the gift side of my site in the engines and yahoo. Well i have, i have submitted my site to yahoo in every gift catagory imaginable. As far as the stock key word , i realize i up against gazillions of stock sites on that word, but over 60% of my key word searches are the phrase one share of stock. Or, Disney stock. If you could look at my keywords i would appreciate it, as i am sure not as capable as you in creating what works, also would like any feedback on my use of pagemill to create my site and anything i should correct.


Hey Tim,

Have you considering trying the Yahoo get local areas? It's my latest
attempt for some sites I'm trying to get into yahoo... and it's no
secret around here that I've been failing hehe...

This morning I went to Get Local and narrowed the catagories down to
ONLY my lil town... now in this section there is hardly nothing! So I
decided to give a re-submission of my sites to this area.. I figure any
listing is better then no listing... am awaiting to see what happens with
it....May be worth a shot...

Million and one Stock sites in Yahoo... could mean maybe only 1/4 million in your state..and maybe 1/8 in your city... take it all the way down to your zip code via get local and try a submission from there...

Shrug.. wish me luck:)


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